Corporate photography

Various photography needs of corporate firms have been taken up by us in the last couple of years, and we're proud to deliver every one of them in confidence that we had met our expectations with our client.

Artmonks Creativity, while less glamorous and exciting than other fields, is arguably the most the flush with untapped opportunities for photographers. It is easy to write off corporate photography as stock photos that memes are made of. Our Team is a term so broad that can encompass any photography done for the purpose of use by a company. There are essentially two types of corporate photography you can focus on, and you may choose to focus your efforts on both of them - event photography and portrait photography. Event photography is all about taking photos of employees and guests in corporate events such as conferences, birthday parties, receptions and sales events. Photos in portrait mode mean taking formal pictures of employees for websites, magazines, and other various publications. The main aim of Artmonks is to sell and brand, and so through corporate photography, one has to work with their business clients in mind. Every photo is different. Sometimes Photos are all about taking photographs of employees playing shuffleboard for recruiting. Other times medical devices in use or a portrait of the CEO next to a heavy machine that shapes sheet metal. Through professional corporate photography, one acquires the skill to put the subjects at ease and produce superior images of the CEO, newest partners, or a grouping of ten board members. Artmonks is not limited to selling products and services. It is packaging the business so the brand can move forward and potentially thrive.

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