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Artmonks is a creative collective of young minds with a unique set of skills sharing a single vision of creating meaningful content for an affordable price. In a city like Bangalore with more than 300 production houses, we can proudly say that ours is one of the most rapidly growing one in the city.

Within a span of just 2 years since the initiation, we have delivered more than 150 productions, with more than 50 organizations.

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A modern tool that capacitates a candidate to create a personal video resume so that they shall have an edge in their pursuit of a desired career.

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Tailor Made Campaigns

Our passion driven monks at Artmonks are constantly in the pursuit of ideas that stand up to your brand.

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Learning is no more constricted in classrooms or textbooks, it happens on your screens and we make that possible.

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Video Production House

Artmonks Creativity assists the company in translating the core of their ideas, into a relatable, easy to grasp video message by creating visual multimedia content. Being the top Video Production House in Bangalore, one has to be aware of how to turn ideas and messages into quality catchy, easily relatable videos that get the point across. A top-notch video production house is what the company needs to communicate better. One has to value quality over quantity as it is a basic requirement in every Company. The process starts with developing a creative concept for each project. Next, it is storyboarded, filmed, and edited before moving into post-production. As a video production house, it has to be equipped with an updated and latest tools required for the shooting is catering to the vast need to get the intended result. Artmonks has to be aimed towards telling the story in the most creative ways through only through quality videos. Thereโ€™s never been a time to start oneโ€™s own Company. The state of the industry has been in a full-blown revolution for well over a decade, and a video production house continues to find new avenues. There are certain essential considerations that one needs to address in order to get your own video production house running and becomes creative when it makes content with impact. Be it a web explainer or an upcoming startup or a television commercial for a large corporate creates compelling content with equal passion.

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